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Bonded Products

EKKSC offers a full line of Bonded Products fabricated through a unique manufacturing process.


  • Unique manufacturing process: seal profiles are bonded directly to the process chamber gates
  • Special seal cross-section design allows cushioning without metal-to-metal contact
  • Allows for less seal movement reducing contamination in process
  • Available in a wide range of compounds to suit the particular process


  • Eliminates rolling, twisting and the abrasion associated with seal movement during gate operation of standard O-Ring/groove designs
  • Eliminates costly premature seal failures due to seal "pop-out" which can occur when the gate is actuated to transfer product
  • Bonded gates have extended service life over O-ring/groove designs, which can extend periodic maintenance cycles and allow for more tool "up-time“
  • Avoids expensive machining of standard or dove-tail shaped O-ring groove
  • Avoids substrate metal particle contamination
  • Due to the dynamic nature of gate applications, O-ring/groove designs require a very tight fitting O-ring to prevent premature "pop-out.“These O-rings are often very difficult to install and, if installed incorrectly, perform poorly and cause unscheduled maintenance and possible loss of product. EKKSC bonded gates eliminate this installation issue.


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