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Welded Metal Bellows

EEAI Semicon Division offers a line of edge-welded bellows designed and manufactured by at our EBJ Factory in Niigata, Japan. These precision products demonstrate excellent durability, flexibility and corrosion resistance in a wide variety of applications, with superior performance in many corrosive environments including ultra-high vacuum, high pressure, and extreme temperatures.

Features and Benefits of Edge-Welded Bellows

Edge-welded bellows are a nested-type bellows which are produced using a unique ultra-thin metal plate welding technology. The nested-type bellows can secure a wide stroke within a limited space which achieves a compact equipment design. These edge-welded bellows can be made almost completely with weldable materials, guaranteeing ultimate design efficiency in each specification for optimal performance.

Customers can depend on our edge-welded bellows for:

  • Superior design and engineering, including fusion welding technologies and reverse engineering capabilities
  • A controlled manufacturing process with testing and inspections that provide clean, precise products
  • Full assemblies
  • A wide range of material offerings, from stainless steel 316 to titanium, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, and other exotics
  • Special surfacing: EP, anodization, nickel plating, etc.
  • Dependable sealing performance and product longevity derived from excellent corrosion, pressure, and heat resistance

Hastelloy® is a registered trademark of Hayes International, Inc., Corp. Inconel® is a registered trademark of Huntington Alloys Corp.

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